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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello here, SEXY!

Show off some sexy with these pantyhose.
Go on, pair them up with a short dress and some high booties.
We know you want to. ;)

Sexy Marie
Dancing Quinn
Lovely Audrey
Hot Annie
Sultry Yvonne

Cute Lyla

Sexy pantyhose for every girl
Comes in lovely prints, stripe-like pattern and polka dots
Suitable for every occasion
Has netting
Perfect when worn under a short dress or with Daisy Dukes

Available in :
Sexy Marie - stripe-like
Dancing Quinn - prints (zebra-like)
Lovely Audrey - flowers at the side (RESERVED!)
Hot Annie - prints
Sultry Yvonne - sultry flower prints
Cute Lyla - polka dots (SOLD!)

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Limited pieces each.